Love'N Blue

Alternately elegant and willowy, sometimes sensual, often irresistible, today’s women like change and spontaneity while remaining glamorous and delicate. The Love’n Blue perfumes pay tribute to this multi-faceted woman. Elegant, melodious perfumes for passionate, cheerful and spontaneous women.

Like a subtle treasure with its generous shapes and curved lines, this creation highlights a woman’s curves. The Zamak cap highlights the daring and modernity of this creation. A blend of elegance and refinement in its purest state.

Love’n Blue Rose

Love’n Blue Rose

Love’N Blue Rose is an ostensibly feminine creation that is the hallmark of an unctuous, delicious fragrance. A sweet, deep almost heady scent where the caramel blends with the fruity notes to depict women - exquisite, delicate and daring.

Floral, Fruité, Gourmand

Top note: Blackcurrant, Pear, candied Plum

Middle note: Freesia, White Cedarwood, Lily of the valley

Base note: Peach Musk, gourmand accord