Deep Sea

In a delicate, refined universe, the Deep Sea perfumes celebrate nature and noble materials, to express softness and feminine dreams. Fresh waters, tender and sparkling that evoke the seduction, passion and sensuality of women.

Timeless and intensely soothing, the pure lines of this creation whisk us away to a place where time doesn’t exist. Crowned with a Zamak cap, the bottle, with its curved, luxurious lines depicts this modern woman in control of her femininity.

Deep Sea Pink

Deep Sea Pink

Deep Sea Pink is a daring, charismatic fragrance where sweetness and bitterness blend. A tender and bitter floral for spontaneous, bubbly women who know how to live with passion and extravagance.

Gourmet Oriental

Top note: Bigarade orange, Bergamot, Cinnamon, Pink Peppercorns

Middle note: Rose essence, Almond, coconut

Base note: Cedar, Tonka bean, Sandalwood Almond, Vanilla

Deep Sea Black

Deep Sea Black

Mystical and refined with a powerful personality, Deep Sea Black symbolises the complex facets of femininity. A fruity chypre duo where you can find Blackcurrant buds, Patchouli and White Musk.

Chypre Fruity

Top note: Blackcurrant buds, Freesia, Bergamot

Middle note: Rose, Patchouli

Base note: Vanilla, White Musk, Tonka bean

Deep Sea Gold

Deep Sea Gold

A feeling of coolness, a note of softness and a touch of dynamism is everything evoked by this fragrance. A sparkling, energetic composition for a fruity floral intended for cheerful, strong willed, daring and risk-taking women.

Floral, Fruity, Hesperidia

Top note: Lemon, Exotic Fruits, Peach

Middle note: Jasmine, Peony, Toffee apple

Base note: Cedar, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Praline, Musk