A secret, refined signature, the CASSIUS perfumes illustrate this subtle, elegant masculinity. Powerful and charismatic, they are intended for determined, daring men. Perfumes full of character where strength, mystery and elegance unite to express masculine perfection.

Like a stone cut from the block, the lines are ultra masculine. A metallic plate is affixed to the bottle and the solid cap highlights the masculine elegance of this creation. A design with simple, refined lines that conjure up sensual, captivating luxury.

Cassius Oud

Cassius Oud

A classy, sombre and powerful signature. The strength of the oriental woody amber notes reveals a man with a virile, intelligent beauty. As for the coppery fragrance it evokes his animosity.

Oriental, Woody, Ambergris

Top note: Incense essence

Middle note: Nutmeg, Nagarmotha

Base note: Ambergris, Leather, Labdanum

Cassius Extrême

Cassius Extrême

Extreme virility, whatever the limits, nothing is done by half for this creation with its earthy notes on a musky vanilla base note.

Oriental, Fruity

Top Note: Lemon, Orange, Bergamot

Middle Note: Violet, Passion fruit, Plum

Base Note: Amber, Musk, Vanilla

Cassius Silver

Cassius Silver

A union of oriental and woody notes with jasmine at the heart, Cassius Silver is an invitation to travel, to abandon dictates. Back to basics and to the truth.

Oriental, Woody

Top Note: Pineapple, Mandarin

Middle Note: Jasmine, Hyacinth

Base Note: Musk, Patchouli, Amber, Vanilla